General information about BPAY

What is a Customer Reference Number (CRN)? Where do I find it?

A CRN is a unique number that the business that issued the bill uses to identify your account, or the invoice you are paying. You can find it in the payment options section of your bill — just look for the BPAY logo.

Why does my Customer Reference Number (CRN) change on some bills but not others?

Some businesses use a single CRN to identify your account, while others prefer to use different CRNs for each bill so they can track them more easily. So, it’s important to check the CRN on each bill when you pay it.

To make sure you always use the right CRN, sign up for BPAY View. All the details are filled in for your approval, so you can be confident they’re correct. BPAY View may not be available for all businesses:

check this list to see if your bank offers BPAY View.

How do I find a Biller Code?

Just look for the distinctive BPAY logo:

On a bill, you can find it in the payment options section, usually on the back or second page of the bill.

Search for a Biller Code

Is there a limit on the value of BPAY payments?

Yes. Billers generally set upper and lower value limits that they can accept for BPAY payments, and may limit the value of payments they accept from particular sources, such as credit card accounts.

Financial institutions may also limit the amount you can pay from a particular account, to a specific business, or on a single day. Please contact the business that issued the bill or your bank to find out more.

Will the business charge me for processing BPAY payments?

Each business decides how to cover its own business costs, including the cost of processing payments. Your biller can tell you if, and how much, they charge for processing payments.

Where can I find the BPAY terms and conditions?

BPAY is delivered through your bank’s online banking, so BPAY terms and conditions are included in the terms and conditions for those services. Contact your bank to find out more.

Paying Bills with BPAY

How do I stop a scheduled payment?

You can stop a future bill payment at any time up until the date it’s scheduled to take place*. To do this, simply:

  • log on to your online banking
  • choose the BPAY or bill payment option
  • follow the prompts to cancel the payment.

The exact steps you need to take will depend on your online banking. Contact your bank if you need to know more.

*Scheduled payments are subject to systems and funds availability.

Which accounts can I use to pay a bill?

All businesses that offer BPAY accept payments from savings, cheque and debit card accounts. Many will also accept payments from credit card accounts.

Search for a biller to check which type of account they accept payments from.

Where do I find details of past bill payments?

You can generally check recent bill payments by logging on to your online banking. The exact steps you need to take will depend on your bank. To find out more, or to get information on older transactions, Contact your bank.

Can I make a BPAY payment when I’m overseas?

Yes, BPAY is accessible anywhere and anytime you have access to your online banking.

My payment won’t go through. What should I do?

Firstly, check that you’ve got the payment details right, including the Biller Code and the Customer Reference Number (CRN). You should also make sure that the business you are trying to pay accepts payments from the type of account you’re paying them from (for example, some businesses may not accept payments from credit card accounts).

If this doesn’t work, visit your bank.

I made a mistake! What should I do?

Don’t worry! Your Bank should be able to help. Contact them straight away if you have:

  • paid too much
  • used the wrong Biller Code or Customer Reference Number (CRN)
  • accidentally paid the same bill twice.

Find your bank contact details

If you paid too little, simply make another payment to cover the difference. Remember to check first with your bank to see if any extra fees or charges will apply.

My biller hasn’t got my payment. What should I do?

Check the time you made the payment — if you missed your bank’s cut-off time or made the payment on a weekend or public holiday, it won’t go through until the next Banking Business Day – any day that Sydney or Melbourne banks can settle funds.

If your payment should have already gone through, contact your bank straight away, with your BPAY receipt number handy.

I didn’t get what I paid for. Will I get a refund?

Unlike for some credit card payments, your bank can’t get a refund for a BPAY payment if a business doesn’t deliver — even if you paid from a credit card account. Contact the business directly or talk to the consumer protection authorities in your state or territory.

I think a payment has been made that I didn’t authorise. What should I do?

Contact your Bank immediately.

Is BPAY safe?

All BPAY payments are made within the secure environment of your online banking.

BPAY doesn’t receive any of your personal details or account details during the payment process.

To find out more about the security features of your online banking, and how you can help protect your personal information contact your bank.

Will BPAY email me about a payment?

BPAY doesn’t keep personal or account details about people who use our service.

BPAY may sometimes send you general information — for example, if you enter a marketing competition. But we will never send you an email containing links to online banking sites.

If you receive an email with links to your online banking, don’t follow them. Contact your bank immediately.

How do I use a BPAY QR Code?

BPAY QR Codes are a fast and easy way for you to make a BPAY payment or to register your bill to be delivered in online banking with BPAY View.

To use a BPAY QR Code log onto your mobile banking application and scan the QR code on your bill to capture all the details you need. You don't need to manually enter the Biller Code, Customer Reference Number and bill amount.

It's worth noting that the process for payments with QR Codes may vary slightly between Financial Institutions.

Receiving Bills Through BPAY View

What is BPAY View?

BPAY View is offered by many banks and billers. It’s an easy way to have your bills delivered directly to your online banking*.

BPAY View sends bills and statements straight to the same online banking you use to pay them, putting an end to bills getting lost on your desk or in your inbox.

Depending on your bank you’ll receive a convenient SMS, email or bank message reminder to pay your bill. Its secure online access makes BPAY View easy to pay your bills on time. And BPAY View is easier on the environment too, with no need to print paper copies.

*If BPAY View is offered by the financial institution and Biller.

Find out more about BPAY View

How do I use BPAY View?

You use BPAY View in your online banking. Contact your bank to find out if it offers BPAY View.

My BPAY View registration failed! What do I do now?

Having trouble registering for BPAY View? Check with your bank to find out why. The most common reasons for registration failures are:

  • entering the wrong details
  • registering with more than one bank (if your biller doesn’t allow multiple registrations).
  • CommBank customers please visit here for help with registering.

Make sure you have entered your details exactly as required by the biller and check if you have an active registration for the same bill at another financial institution.
If you've done all this and you’re still having problems, contact your bank.

Which banks offer BPAY View?

Which bills can I receive with BPAY View?

When will I get bills through BPAY View?

Your bills will arrive in BPAY View at around the same time, or sooner than, your paper or emailed bills do now — and they’ll go straight to your online banking.

How will I know when I have a bill to view?

Your bank will notify you when you receive a new bill, usually by email, mobile notification or SMS. Contact your bank to find out more.

Can I get a paper copy of a BPAY View bill?

Absolutely — just print a paper copy directly from your online banking.

How do I pay a BPAY View bill?

Just choose the bill you want to pay from your BPAY View summary list, and click Pay Bill. Your BPAY payment will be ready to submit immediately, with all the payment details filled in for you. All you have to do is submit it — and you’re done.

Some financial institutions even allow you to set up your bills to be paid automatically with Auto Pay.

Do I have to use BPAY to pay BPAY View bills?

No, but why miss out on paying all your bills quickly, securely and in one place?

How do I know if I’ve paid a BPAY View bill?

Simply log on to your online banking and check your BPAY View list of bills. If you have paid your bill from BPAY View, it will show as paid. If you have paid your bill through another bank or payment option, you will need to mark it as paid manually.

Contact your financial institution to find out more.

I think my bill is wrong! What should I do?

Get in touch with the business who issued you the bill directly, using the contact details shown on your bill.

How do I cancel BPAY View for a bill?

To cancel BPAY View for a bill:

  • log on to your online banking
  • choose BPAY View
  • follow the prompts to select and deactivate the Biller.

As soon as you deregister from BPAY View for that Biller, they should start sending your bills in another way (such as by mail, or email). Contact your biller or financial institution if you need to know more.

What does BPAY View cost?

BPAY View is a service delivered through your financial institution’s online banking. So, it’s up to them whether to set fees for using BPAY View. Contact your bank to find out more.

Is BPAY View safe?

BPAY View bills are managed within the secure environment of your online banking. The BPAY View registration process has measures in place to ensure businesses verify your identity before sending a bill and to keep your personal information safe.

BPAY doesn’t receive any of your personal details or account details during the payment process.

Storing Bills with BPAY View

I think my bill is wrong! What should I do?

Don’t panic! Just get in touch with the business who issued the bill directly, using the contact details shown on your bill in BPAY View.

How long will the bill stay in my online banking?

It depends on your how long the Biller decides to make it available. Most Billers will keep your summary available for up to 18 months. And remember — you can download a copy of each bill to your computer if you’d like to keep it.

Where is my BPAY View bill stored?

Your bill summary information is kept safe and secure in your online banking environment for up to 18 months.
It includes:

  • Biller name
  • Amount due
  • Date due

The business or their bill service provider hosts your detailed bill. It can only be accessed through a secure link from your online bank.

Can anyone else view my bill?

The business, the bill service provider and the people who have access to your online bank can view the bill summary or detailed bill.

To learn more about the security features of your online banking and how you can help protect your personal information, contact your bank.